Introduce excellent Japanese products to the overseas market.
Import excellent overseas products into Japan.

We are a company that provides smiles for everyone by connecting people with people, and products with products.


Our core business is export sales based on B2C.
Currently we have the following divisions in our company.

Export sales for eBay and Amazon.

We started eBay export sales in 2010.
Now we are rated as a Gold Power Seller and Top Rated Seller.
We started our Amazon export business in 2015.
Both of these enterprises have been growing steadily.

Export of Japanese brand watches

We handle Japanese brand watches, such as Seiko, Casio, and Citizen. We source these brand watches locally and export them online.

Export of Japanese brand cameras and lenses

We source second hand cameras and lenses from local retailers and export them online. The primary brands are Nikon, Canon, Contax, Pentax, and Mamiya.

OEM & ODM import goods

We have partnerships with Chinese and Taiwanese manufactures; we import the OEM and ODM goods to Japan.

Crowd funding

We sourcing un-released goods in Japan from overseas manufactures. We will be introducing them via Major crowdfunding in Japan. It will be a new challenge for us.

Beauty Salon

We support health and beauty for all woman who wish to ”age with more health and beauty,”through our beauty salon.

Cosmetic products

We sell products related to beauty and health including organic Skin Care Products, such as ANNEMARIE BORLIND. We also handle ReFa, portable hydrogen inhaler (KENKOS), portable air purification cards (Air Design Card), and more.

About Us

Our company started as an export business of products made in Japan in 2010.
We mainly sold Japanese health foods, electrical appliances, beauty products, and watches on eBay.
We are rated as a Top Rated Seller on eBay and now are conducting sales activities on the platform as a Gold Power Seller.
Also, we started export and sales on Amazon in 2015.
Currently, in addition to the abovementioned business, we are continuing our sales efforts with the core pillar of an export business of cameras and lenses, with an import business of OEM and ODM from Europe & Asia and via crowdfunding.

Always keep smiling, laughing, and growing.

Everything starts from a smile. Connecting people and people with a smile. Connecting people and goods with a smile. I always think so.

We do all of our business imagining customers’ smiles even if they are not currently in front of us.
S-CREA is a company that provides everybody with a smile by connecting people and products from all around the world!

Satori Toyota

Company Profile

Company name 

Satori Toyota

1340-86, Ohmuro, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
277-0813 Japan



Business Activities
Export Business
Division of Crowdfunding
Management Division of Beauty Salons

Permit / Registration / License
Antique dealer
Chiba Prefecture Public Safty Commission
Permission number 441090003125 


Company History

2010 Started export business of Japanese products and online sales on eBay
2011 Started beauty salon business
2013 Achieved yearly sales of $200,000.
2015 Started export business on Amazon
2018 Achieved yearly sales of $700,000.
2020 Started export business of camera and lens
2022 Achieved yearly sales of $1,000,000.



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